I am curious, is yorhealth a scam?

My friend told me that this company is capable of having me earn big bucks. Apparently they sell health products. They sell weight loss products too and anything and anyone that sells these types of products has always been scamming people with the product. My friend told me that it was a legit company that will not rip me off. After doing some research i have discovered that many people have been scammed by them. Also, some of the answers here on yahoo answers that support yor products just seem to answer with the same answers and provide the same exact links. That seems suspicious.
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why does myFico ask for my ssn just to cancel my credit monitoring?

Want to cancel credit monitoring with myFICO, here is what to expect.

1 – They can only cancel credit monitoring for one person at a time. So if you are planning to cancel monitoring for you and your spouse, you will have to call 2 times.
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Your Baby Can Read. Really? FTC Alleges False Advertising

The FTC has filed false advertising charges against the marketers of Your Baby Can Read!, a program that allegedly claimed it could teach kids as young as nine months how to read, and said it had the scientific studies to back it up.

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Will the FTC get involved in diet pill scams?

Q: All these free trials for diet pills, menopause, sleep, digestion, and exercise machines.
All you have to pay is a low shipping fee. Gullible people never read the terms and conditions to realize their card account is going to get hammered for hundreds of dollars.
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