dating scams in Nigeria?

I have found someone on who is from where I am from. Philadelphia. She is a French Canadian woman who is 24 years old and is currently in Nigeria. I have been talking to her for about 3 months now and she sounded like a nice person to begin with. She told me her mother and father died when she was very young, and she went to Nigeria by herself because of the bad experience she had with ex boyfriend and she wanted to get more knowledge on her modeling career. However; a week later after we had started to get to know each other, she had told me that something had gone wrong with her credit card. She said someone may have hacked it and the card claimed as a fraud. She had asked me for $500 to show to the GTA. I tried to check her background as much as I could, but it wasn’t very accurate. I checked that modeling agency she worked for and address she gave me. They both existed. But its kinda of strange that she has been over there for a very very long time and I wanted to help her out. So I gave her the $500 piece by piece. But when she had given me her flight info, I haven’t heard from her for four days. Finally, I had gotten an email from her Dr. telling me that she was in a fatal car accident and she needed $400 to pay her medical bill. I was very hesitate to do it. Since she didn’t have any money, I pitched in $200. She had a ring that her grandmother gave her for the rest. Now she needs $300 more dollars to get home with. I told her I couldn’t do that because she was asking for too much money. I sounded really desperate and her Dr. was also pressuring to do. She told me she a check that was worth $9,500 and she wanted to transfer that into my account, but I told her that I didn’t think that was a good idea. Now she is at her house waiting for me to send $300 via Western Union. I said no. Is this an example of the dating scams in Nigeria?

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  1. Ruby says:

    YES this woman is scamming you. I have done so much research into this when a friend of mine was scammed (out of £10,000). The lines she has given you are typical of scammers. Do not let her transfer money into your account you could end up in trouble for fraud! Cut off all ties with her NOW these people are not petty criminals they are dangerous people. BTW she is most likely a he.

    Good luck and don’t feel like a fool there are thousands of people like you who have fallen for this.

  2. Tammy.whittaker says:


  3. Mike says:

    lol some girl on myspace/yahoo tried to do the same thing to me. Except I didnt give any money.

  4. Khristeene Joie says:

    Yes. It’s funny how a lot of people fall for this.

    I have a caller from LA yesterday seems to be frustrated and anxious, he told me he sent his money transfer to the wrong person and to the wrong place. When I accessed his transfer, poof! his 800 dollars was collected just a few seconds ago. When I told him that, he was said, “OMFG! I got scammed.” If he could have called earlier, we could have saved his money.

    Bottom line: No matter how nice an online buddy is, if you don’t know him/her personally, DO NOT SEND THEM WIRED TRANSFERS.

  5. Ghana Banana says:

    Of course this is a scam, and has been going around for years. Just google romance scams and you’ll see how many different websites exist exposing this exact scam. The woman will always pretend to be from N America or Europe, heading to Nigeria as a model, volunteer or nurse, then of course needs money for various things and will always get into a car accident. They all follow the exact same script. The fact you sent any money before confirming this woman even existed was a huge mistake and now they will never stop bothering you until they can try to steal all of your money. If you sent money Western Union there’s NO way to get it back, the scammers know this

    First of all, a simple call to the Canadian embassy in Nigeria would have showsn there is no such thing as a GTA. A call to her supposed modeling agency in Canada would have shown she is not with them – scammers usually use the names of real companies but give false phone numbers or emails. A lookup of the agency website would have given you their real phone number and they would have told you in a second if they sent one of their models to Nigeria – highly unlikely as people go to Paris or Tokyo for modelling, not Nigeria.

    And why would she ask you to depsit a cheque for $9500 if she didn’t have money? How much sense does that make? The embassy or her agency would deposit this for her if it weren’t counterfeit.

    And where is her agency in all this? If they sponsored her visa to Nigeria (as she NEEDS a sponsor to work there in the first placve)they would be responsible for her flights, medical care (she would have to have travel insurance to get a Nigeiran visa to begin with), and any other problems they have
    The Canadian embassy also has emergency loans for people who are genuinely stuck so there is no reason why anyone would ask you for money.

    You need to report this right away to the EFCC in Nigeria and the FBI’s IC3 who investigate internet crime and whatever you do, do not send any more money or give your home address. You do not want these people knowing where you live, they are Nigerian gangs that operate worldwide and even in the UK last year 93 Nigerians were arrested in conjunction with threatening people as part of internet scams run out of Nigeria.

  6. Kittysue says:

    I didn’t even have to get past the first few sentences to know this is a sweetheart scam. It has all the hallmarks
    1 – Nigeria
    2 – financial difficulties
    3 – sending money via Western Union
    4 – needing medical attention
    5 – asking you to deposit a check
    6 – saying she’s coming to visit but can never make it

    Which agency is she supposedly with? And PM me with her name. I know a lot of people in modeling agencies around the world and can check on this.

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